Connect with High-Paying writing clients through Facebook

I began my writing career through Upwork, and even though the platform has a plethora of writing jobs, they’re either too low-priced or a one-off gig that doesn’t make up a sustainable income stream.

For this reason, I started exploring outside the freelancing platform, searched for ways that I can connect with high-paying clients who would actually value my work, and I could be a part of their team for the long-term.

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So, here are the top Facebook groups that I found to have amazing people, a respectable community, and where I was fortunate enough to find wonderful clients to…

Top freelancing platforms to be a part of this year

Online freelance websites and marketplaces are changing the way we work and one of the best ways for freelancers to find work is through marketplaces.

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With a plethora of choices out there, these platforms can connect talented freelancers and those who are just getting started with their next client, anywhere in the world.

If you’ve just entered the freelance workforce, there are many marketplaces out there that focus specifically on certain fields. So, whether you’re a content writer, a programmer, a designer, a marketer, or a professional in any other category, there’s a platform out there for you.

Here are…

Coronavirus for the graduating class of 2020

For many of us, 2020 was going to be the year that we shine. The year that was supposed to be a good one. The year we graduated after four years of studying, and finally, be able to put our learning to practice by entering the corporate world. For some, it was supposed to be the year they finally start investing their full’time to their startups and businesses.

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However, that all changed as the whole world was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

No one expected that the world would be at war with a virus that spread without…

The scope of freelancing during the COVID-19 pandemic

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The emergence and spread of coronavirus has led to an increase in the unemployment rate, as millions of people are laid off their job duties temporarily and even permanently, due to the lockdown in countries around the world.

Currently, the US is facing the sharpest rise in unemployment in its history, which may further increase as the pandemic adversely affects the economic situation.

This is where freelancing becomes the need of the hour to pay the bills, as the freelance economy continues to do well despite the global health crisis.

With many companies having laid off permanent employees, the demand…

A positive take to an unfortunate crisis the whole world is facing

This post may be controversial due to the fact that the coronavirus has infected more than 3 million people worldwide, out of which around 1 million have recovered, while unfortunately more than two hundred thousand people have lost their lives. Not to mention the heavy impact of Covid-19 of the world economy, with many people laid off, and the oil prices fluctuating, there’s very little hope for good out of it.

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But still, I have written this post to highlight the positive side of this unfortunate situation that the world is facing right now, in hope that the different perspectives…

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